Grip it and Rip it..

Leader Board

Last Updated: 06/26/2019

Pool Total: $284.00

Place Player Points Earned
1 Ryan Sorenson 31
2 Austin Fresquez 30
3 Kevin Bloomster 28
4 Paul Sprague 21
5 Tom Houts 12
6 Brian Heddleston 11
7 Kipp 9
8 Lenny A. 9
9 Ev Preece 8
10 Jim Suttlemyre 8
11 Jesse 2
12 Bob 1

Week 11 - (07/10/2019)

Sorry Guys - it has been a rough week - I'll get caught up next week.



07/03/2019 - No Golf - Holiday Break.

No golf this week due to the 4th of July.
Enjoy your week off all, and see you on 07/10/2019


Week 10 - (06/26/2019)

Wow - This was a close one for all - Nice tie Kevin and Austin for 2nd Place.

1st Place - Paul ($24.00)
2nd Place - 1 Skins - Austin ($18.00)
2nd Place - 1 Skins - Kevin ($17.00)
3rd Place - Ryan (0.00)

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Week 9 - (06/19/2019)

What a game guys, Ryan wins it - Paul with a close second..
Congrats to the winners for the week:

1st Place with 1 Skins - Ryan ($24.00)
2nd Place - 1 Skins - Paul S. ($18.00)
3rd Place - 0 Skins - Jim Suttlemyre ($7.00)

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Week 8 - (06/12/2019)

Man I wish I could have played - looks like it was a great turnout!
Congrats to the winners for the week:

1st Place with 1 Skins - Tom ($28.00)
2nd Place - 1 Skins - Brian H. ($18.00)
3rd Place - 0 Skins - Ev ($10.00)

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Week 7 - (06/05/2019)

What a great day for golf - We hope Kipps back is feeling better next week.
Congrats to the winners for the week:
1st Place with 2 Skins - Austin ($18.00)
2nd Place - 4 Skins - Kevin ($14.00)
3rd Place - 0 Skins - Ryan ($6.00)

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Week 6 - (05/29/2019)

Great round guys.
Congrats to the winners for the week:
1st Place with 2 Skins - Kevin ($13.00)
2nd Place - Lenny ($5.00)
3rd Place with 1 skin - Ryan ($6.00)

Week 6 Results.


Week 5 - (05/22/2019) - Called off due to rain.

No game - rain..


Week 4 - (05/15/2019)

Thank you all for coming out.  This was a nice group.

I want to give a shout out to our new player this year - Jim Suttlemyre.  Jim, it was nice meeting you and I hope to see you at the top of the leader board this year.  Let's make sure we make him feel welcome guys..

Let's get to the meets of the game:
Looks like Austin came out on top this week the Ryan, then Kipp.  This was a weird first round with points going to winners since we only had 3 players.  Next week we will have 6 playing for the money.

Thank you all again for coming,

Week 3 - (05/08/2019)

Well thanks to the weather and Kipp, Austin and Lenny and I - we had a game.  

See ya all next week.

Week 2 - (05/01/2019)

A little light this week, but I thank all that came out, and we had a great time.
Lets start with the recap:
If this was a money game, Ev would have won - Great shooting Ev. As always. 44 net(36).
Kipp didn't think he was shooting very well, but he would have come in second. 45 net(37).
Ryan sucked at a 44 net(39).
Kevin had a great game, just a couple of blowup holes.  Slow it down and I think you will be in the money every week.  His score was 60 net(42). Only 6 off from being in the money.  Get rid of that 10 and you would be there my friend..
Now lets talk about Austin.  His score was a 61 net(45) but I had to pay him his winnings from last year over $20.00.  I hope he was sand-bagging knowing he came out a few times last year and smoked us on net.  It is always great to see everyone and again, Thank you for always coming out - makes it fun to see you all here.

Week 1 - (04/24/2019) - Called off due to Rain.

I just want to say thank you for all coming out and playing our first game. Unfortunately it was rained out.

So lets hope next week is nice.



New Golf Season - 2019

Welcome to a new season of golfbums.  We are looking forward to a great year and can't wait to start golfing. 

We are scheduled to start our first week on April 24th 2019.

Thank you all and look forward to seeing you soon!